Brewer for a Half Day

The most hands-on and rewarding of all our tours, this experience allows you to brew your own beer — and take it home with you! The day is split into two sessions to accommodate all schedules.

The morning session starts at 8 AM and continues until noon. Activities incorporated in this session include:

  • Product selection
  • Raw ingredient understanding
  • Recipe construction
  • Brew sheet completion
  • Grist case loading
  • Mash in
  • Sparging
  • Transfer to copper
  • Hop selection
  • Hop additions
  • Evacuation of mash tun

The morning session includes a full cooked Scottish breakfast.

The afternoon session runs from noon until 4 PM. Activities incorporated in this session include:

  • Copper boil
  • Hop selection
  • Addition of first/second/third hops and copper finings
  • Yeast propagation
  • Transfer to Cold Liquid Tank
  • Cooling
  • Evacuation of Copper and Cold Liquid Tank
  • Transfer to Fermentation vessel
  • Yeast addition
  • Calculation of original gravity

The afternoon session includes a traditional bar lunch.

Once all the hard work is done, the Master Brewer will take you on a guided tasting of eight different draught ales while explaining some of their history and the different styles or flavours. The tour ends here, but the bar is open until late, so visitors are welcomed and encouraged to stay for drinks.

Aside from the knowledge and experience, visitors can also expect to take away:

  • A certificate
  • Photographs
  • A 10 litre box of cask conditioned beer OR 12 x 500mls bottle conditioned beer of your own brew when it is ready to drink

Due to the small scale of our operation, we only accept a maximum of 2 guest brewers per day. Please arrange transport beforehand —  beer consumption is essential for a full understand of the tasting sessions and we cannot guarantee that it would be safe for you to drive back yourself.

Airport or station transfers can be arranged with prior notice.


Cost - £100.00

Voucher Option 1


Certificate is downloadable and will be emailed to you


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